Robert (Bobby) Johnson- CFO

An alumnus University of Alabama, Bobby has always wanted to better the world. He found his own custom home-building business to achieve his goal of helping people. Joining forces with Rob, they created NRG.

As NRG’s CFO, Bobby is actively involved in the day-to-day financial aspects of the company. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, he is responsible for the main office in addition to overseeing NRG’s south-eastern market. He leverages his educational background, financial savvy and adaptability to keep NRG’s finances in order and ensure projects are completed on time, on budget and to the clients’ highest satisfaction.

Bobby is also a family man with two sons and a loving wife and enjoys nothing more than spending time with the three most important people in his life. On a Saturday, you can find him grilling in the backyard or playing in the pool with his sons. Second to his family is only his passion for mountain biking and he tries to indulge in it every now and then.


Robert Koors- COO

Following his graduation in Business Administration from University of Alabama, Rob pursued a career in advertising. Despite realizing significant career success, he lacked a sense of fulfilment. Driven by a desire to help improve communities and contribute to better lives, he turned to construction. Teaming up with Robert “Bobby” Johnson, he founded NRG.

A decade later, Rob is still taking an active role in day-to-day operations. He personally reviews every project to ensure it meets the client’s deadline and stays on budget. Leveraging determination, commitment to quality and consistency, Rob is not only the COO but also the national face of the company. Kind-hearted and approachable, Rob also doesn’t shy away from making the tough decisions when necessary.

During his off time, Rob enjoys spending time with his family – his supportive fiancée and beautiful baby girl.  The three love the outdoors and spend as much time as possible hiking, mountain biking, and just being together.


Scott Jackson- Sr. Project Manager

Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Scott moved to the rural areas to take on a drafting job. He quickly discovered his passion for project management and joined the NRG team as a site super. His dedication to his job, professionalism and genuine passion for interacting with sub-contractors, clients and the community helped him quickly jump the career ladder and become NRG’s lead Senior Project Management.

True to NRG’s core principles, Scott emphasizes continuous professional development and training. His hard work and dedication transformed the Denver, Colorado area in one of NRG’s largest markets.


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